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With input from the Vice Captains and representatives from the various club groups at Rowing Sub Committee, we make approximately 20% of the fleet 'Captains Permission'. These boats are the top end of the fleet and we aim to protect them so that crews representing the club at top races benefit from using boats that are well looked after. 

Captains Permission is given on a boat by boat basis and the decision sits solely with the Club Captain (with advice from the Steer Cert and Vice Captains Group). We take the following into consideration when making a decision on a request:

  • Fours and Eights are only for use of Squads

  • Competent, experienced navigator 

  • Individuals or crews training or racing together

  • All members of the crew are competent rowers/scullers

  • Individuals are known to care for our equipment

  • Individuals have demonstrated sensible decision making skills when choosing which boats to use in which circumstances

  • Crew is appropriate weight for a boat

As was (almost) said to Spiderman: 

With great permission comes great responsibility.

Members are privileged to be given permission to use our best boats for their water outings and should exercise great care and judgement when using them.

To help us keep our admin load down, we have an automated process - all requests need to be sent in through the button below as if you are accepted, the information will automatically be added to the list.

boat allocation

The following individuals have requested and been granted captains permissions. To request permission, please contact the captain. 


Until permission has been updated on this list, permission has not been formally granted.

You can view boat allocations during the Covid-19 pandemic separately here

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