PTRC is run entirely by volunteers and the elected members of the general committee carry out key roles managing the club. The virtual AGM is due to take place on 19th July at 1pm - details will be delivered by email. Presented below are the candidates running in the election at the AGM. Click on any of the positions to jump to the nominees for that position. If you'd like to know more about the roles and responsibilities for each position, please click here.




It remains a great honour to be standing for the role of Chair. I hope to bring a broad experience of rowing to the role; experience both at PTRC where I have been on committee for more than a decade as captain, treasurer and chair, and in various different coaching and administrative roles in the wider rowing community.

This has been an unusual year for everyone, but the Club has reconfirmed itself as a friendly and welcoming place, with a strong membership that is supportive of those wanting to learn to row, continue to enjoy social rowing or to push themselves hard to compete at as high a level as they can. If re-elected, I want to help the club to develop in all these areas, but never lose sight of what makes it special.




Peter jones


I have been inspired to stand for re-election as Secretary by the events of the past three months. Over this most difficult of times, our Committee and members have risen to the challenge, ensuring that our community has remained as strong as I have ever seen in my near 10 years of membership. I would like to play my part in the next stage to ensure we come out even stronger.


Having previously held the more public positions of Vice-captain and Captain, I have enjoyed working quietly behind the scenes over the past two years to support those who you all see and hear more. I seek your support to be re-elected, to carry on making sure that our Club is safe, secure, adequately insured, well organised, transparent, fair and true to its Constitution, as we inevitably face challenges ahead. I will continue to look for ways to improve what we already do to better protect the club so our rowing and sense of community are what we continue to be known for.





I’m standing as Membership Secretary for the coming year. After seven years on committee and five as Membership Secretary, I enjoy staying connected and helping the club run effectively. 


Over the past five years, the club has changed significantly to a much more professional outfit and I’m proud to have been at the forefront of transforming our Membership processes from a paper and cheques based process to an online-first process. 2020 has been unprecedented and I haven’t been able to complete what i believe is the final step needed to make the club’s membership admin processes fit for purpose


If elected I will deliver the following projects as the final steps in my long term strategy to modernise our membership processes:

  • transition subs from standing orders to direct debit, reducing non-payment of subs, addressing the underlying reasons for subs arrears and removing the stress of dealing with arrears for members.  Captains, coordinators and committee spend many hours/days each month chasing arrears and this will let everyone focus their time on rowing.

  • transition from our current in-house membership system to an externally supplied system - to enable the introduction of direct debit, remove single pints of failure and give members control and transparency over their membership.


I have been a member of PTRC for two years  and am now in the Masters Women squad.  I have experience of volunteer organisations having been the Club Secretary and Club Chair of my sons’ football club for many years.  I am also the Deputy Head of a local primary school which involves a fair amount of communication and organisation which could be useful.  I have been so impressed with the inclusive experience that this club provides,  and in particular their proactive response to this present Covid situation and would like to be part of the structure going forward.​




marlies forster 

I joined PTRC in the masters women’s squad in December 2019. In a previous life I have been CFO of various businesses and so hope to carry on the good work of Kate as treasurer of the club.​




john hickling

A vote for john is a vote for good quality competitively price beer. Let’s make the bar great again! 




amber in der rieden

In September 2018 I joined the MW Squad at PTRC and soon after joined the Committee as a General Member to  contribute and learn more about the running of the Club.  This resulted in standing for Social Secretary role at the 2019 AGM. 


I am offering myself for re-election as I have thoroughly enjoyed conyributing to the success of the Club, organising events and bringing people together.  It is very rewarding to realise the events from scratch with the help of many willing volunteers, to see people getting the most out of their Club and having a good time. Before the current events cut matters short there was so much more in the pipeline that we would like to bring to our members and I look forward to delivering this - with your help of course as everything we do here at PTRC is simply impossible without wonderful volunteers.​



aba carboo

I wish to be of service to Putney Town Rowing Club and am standing for the position of Captain for a third year. 


Although sorely tested, the vision remains strong. With the support of a passionate Committee I hope that we continue to strive for a top level presence at major events, widespread participation in our sport and a strong community base. 


And there is more work to be done in securing the clubs future as we creep ever closer to centenary celebrations. 


Exciting times! 


VICE CAPTAIN (Development)


Katie moore

In 2017 I was cycling down the towpath and saw a sign saying  learn2row. I had never thought about rowing before but was intrigued. I was welcomed by a friendly bunch, little did I know they would become life long friends.  Having moved to London not knowing many people, signing up and joining the club was one of the best things I have done.  Having done the Learn2row course I moved into the Development Squad. We had great coaches and had an opportunity to race. Although we never won there was a sense of camaraderie and wanting to do better. I have now been in the Masters Squad for 1.5 years, where there has been blood, sweat and tears (literally)...I say that in the best way possible and would not change a thing.  

Having had this experience, I feel I want to give back to the club and run for Vice Captain (Development). I want to support the Development squad in reaching personal and squad goals, integrating the squad into the clubs overall vision, in addition to creating more opportunities to learn and progress in this great sport. As a squad coordinator for the Master’s Women and having been on Sub-committee this has given me insight and experience which I will use to the best of my ability in this role.




alastair Breeze

Don't just hope for a Breezy river, vote for one!

On a more serious note...
I've been rowing at Putney Town now for 2 years and keen to drive the men's squads into the next season!

We certainly have a complicated year ahead, and people need a good row more than ever! I hope to work with the squads to enable members to train more, compete at higher level and enjoy rowing at the club the way we have all come to enjoy.



ele culley

I've really enjoyed the last year as Women's vice captain. I would love to be voted in for another year so that I can continue the work that I have started. I aim to create a cross squad culture which is an enjoyable all encompassing place for women to row so that they can get the most from the sport whilst having fun and being part of the PTRC community!




chris chadwick

Hello Putney Town!

 I've been a member of the committee for the last year and I have got thoroughly stuck in. I have been responsible for the PTRC social media channels & our external exposure, the running of the website and assisting with comms to all members. During the last extraordinary year, I lead the development of the online clubhouse which has kept so many of our members engaged, fit & healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. More recently, I have become involved in a sub-group focused on the club's redevelopment & lease negotiations.

A vote for me is a vote to continue to keep PTRC a forward thinking, proud & inclusive rowing club & community. Come on the town!

tom hawkins

As I go into my fourth year of rowing with the senior men at Putney Town, there is no better time to give back to the club by running for a position on committee.

From the outset of my time in the club, I have found it to be a welcoming and enjoyable environment, with a healthy balance of the competitive and social elements of our sport. If elected, I will work with the committee to strengthen the spirit of inclusivity and ensure the dedication of our members is rewarded by keeping Putney Town a fun place to row, whether you are a novice rower or seasoned athlete.

marcia denham

I believe I could contribute much to the club and its members in this role. I came to rowing late, as part of Putney Town Learn to Row in 2014, and I have been a member ever since. I have been in both Senior Women and Masters Womens squads, and participated in three camps in France. I have competed in head races and regattas. I am currently helping to coordinate and revamp the Womens Development squad.


I have many skills I can bring to a committee role, I work in Financial Services, with virtual teams, so I am used to fitting in and being a member of a team, I work hard to contribute, and value everyones input, diversity and inclusion are very important to me. 


I am passionate about rowing, and enjoy sharing that passion with others, whether they are part of PTRC now, or new members yet to experience rowing.


I very much hope I will be successful, and that I can put my energy and friendly, cheerful enthusiasm to work, to help take the club forwards.

stephen rose

Hello Putney Town,

I am offering myself for re-election as a General Committee member for the second year. I am 69 years old, married with 3 grown up and very sporty children. I am the Co-ordinator of the Masters Men Squad. I have a passion for rowing and sculling, particularly racing side-by-side in my Single Scull. I learnt to row when I joined PTRC in 2004. PTRC has given me discipline, fitness and great social connections. I have always tried to ‘Give Back’ to the Club in terms of time and practical commitment. To Committee I would offer organisational and commercial experience together with active representation of the Masters Squad. To me PTRC is the greatest Club on The Tideway and I will always work to keep it that way and build on its successes.

Stephen Rose


I have rowed and raced on the tideway for 6 years. I learned to row at Team Keane out of UL boathouse, joined their racing squad and became their safety officer. I joined PTRC 2 years ago, with fellow members Erin & Amber. I am now the PTRC safety officer managing a team of squad safety reps and overseeing the general safety of the club on and off the river.


The community aspect of the club is hugely important to me, as is the hope that everyone has a good laugh and makes the most their time here. I am looking forward to performing with the club band and seeing everything return to normal in our rowing club life again.


My motto is: “The more everyone puts in, the more we will all get back.”


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