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Rowing at night involves increased risk to your safety, the crews and coaches. 

Captains Permission for Night Time Rowing is given on a case by case basis on the criteria set by the Safety Officer at the club. The Captain decision on the form is based on the requesters:

  • Following the Night Time Protocol rules set by the Club Safety Officer

  • Conducting a full risk assessment of the outing

  • The confidence and experience of the crews/steers/coaches

  • All members of the crew are competent rowers/scullers


The Approval response from the Captain in the Night Time Rowing Request is Advisory and is based solely on the requesters understanding of the risks undertaken and the conversation taken with the Safety Officer to fully understand the risks.​

To help us keep our admin work load down, we have an automated process - all requests need to be sent in through the Club Management Form under the Request Tab, once approved the outcome and information will automatically be added to the list.

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