4th for ptrc in the gigrower Champs

Four days, four erg challenges, five PTRC rowers.

Five of the club switched from rivers to gig rowing taking part in the (virtual) Gig Rowing Championships. The trio of Sam Diserens, Matt Bruce and Kathryn Lewis finished joint 4th overall in a team effort competition whilst there were solid individual results too:

Sam Diserens 21st of 192 Matt Bruce 58th of 192 Jamie Diserens 69th of 192

Kathryn Lewis 6th of 137 Sarah Foxton 41st of 137

The competition was held over 5 days. The first 3 days were effective the group stages, where athletes had to maintain their position within their group or else get moved down (or up) to other groups. The top two and bottom two were promoted or relegated respectively at the end of each day. Following race three, the groups were finalised.

Sam was in group A until the final race where he got related to Group B. Sarah started in group C and finished the group stage in group D. Matt, Jamie & Kathryn maintained their positions in their groups which were group E, F & A respectively.

The team competition was run alongside the individual event. The top three athletes from each club were automatically selected to team up for the team event. This was Sam, Matt & Kathryn. The competition was judged by cumulative meters across the whole competition. Some excellent performances led to PTRC coming out 4th overall!

Thanks to gigrower.co.uk for letting us join in!


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