Bourne@Chiswick 2019

Fresh from camp, 4 of the Masters Women battled it out in a coxed 4. After experiencing sunny weather and mirrored water on camp we were soon brought back to reality of rowing on the Thames Water. St George’s took the lead however we had a good side by side battle with Vesta who just nipped in front heading towards the finishing line. Good race by all and good learning for the rest of the regatta season. 

As the MW scullers started their Women’s Henley training under the new regime and watchful eye of JHS with his new programme one of their squad decided to extend her experience in racing in a single at Borne regatta. As she was Mas C and her competitors were MasD she had to wait 10 seconds at the start which is always hard for morale on such a short course. Nevertheless she gave it her best shot and managed to finish around ten seconds after her competitors which might have looked more exciting had they all started together! There was wonderful support from those standing outside the club and of course there was the added bonus of not having to travel anywhere! She’ll be back for Barnes & Mortlake.


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