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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Given the recent closure of the club and challenges to our way of living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to make sure our members continue to be supported as part of the PTRC family. Below is our president's thoughts at this time.

"These are unprecedented times in our lives and we are all having to deal in one way or another with restrictions on our movements, interaction and freedoms, all of which is a challenge.

The club Centenary in 2022 is not far away and planning has started for great celebrations of that great milestone however this current crisis reminds me of two other times in our recent history when the character and resilience of the membership has been tested and prevailed. The first was in 1986 when the club decided to up sticks from its birthplace in Putney and move to Kew, and the second in 1992 when a catastrophic fire destroyed the clubhouse, boats and the aspirations of many athlete members at the time. Then, like now, the strength in character of members, committee and supporters ensured that a way was found to survive the disruption, regain our stability and to continue to offer a base as a fantastic rowing club on the tideway.

At times like this, the character of us all is tested in our private, work and rowing lives. As you may be aware, not only have the head races been cancelled but so too our training camps, the Boat Race, Henley Royal Regatta and the Olympics. It may be many months before normality resumes and for many members a seasons training and commitment might come to nought in terms of results.

However, I am confident this crisis will come to an end and provided we all adhere to the advice of government, our governing body British Rowing and your committee, the club will re emerge as a force on the Tideway.

We held a virtual committee meeting earlier this week in the light of the governments latest advice, and the Committee which continues to work hard for our members,  will today issue advice and instructions to our members for the following weeks and for the duration until there is a change of government guidance.

In the short term we must adhere to medical advice, adhere to advice on social distancing, recognise that within our membership we have vulnerable members and those with known or unknown underlying medical conditions and respect that we are all at risk.

The future is there to be grasped. This crisis, like those previous, will pass provided we are resolute and focus on the future and support each other.

Please do remember that any restriction imposed on our members is made in everyone's best interests. Note also that several of our members are on the front line in the NHS and other essential services and deserve your total support.

Keep well, keep active and keep positive. Come on The Town"

Geoff Adams (President)


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