Masters Men at the Isis Sculls

Six Masters Men entered the Isis sculling Head in Oxford which took place on 14th September; Alex Marengo, Geoff Adams, Stephen Rose, Peter May, Simon De Maria and Alessio Massaro (not pictured). A dearth of Masters entries inevitably resulted in multi age range events with PTRC racing in Mas A/B/C, F/G handicap and E 1x events, followed by C/D/E and F/G 2x handicaps.

The inevitable challenge of negotiating the narrow first half of the course between the bank and marshalling crews, plus the fabled S shaped 'Gut' with its final tortuous, teeth clenching 90 degree exit steer, served to slow PTR crews sufficiently so as not to trouble the overall results favourably even after handicap adjustments.

On the upside, weather and water conditions were perfect and good time had by all.


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