Medals at Reading

Our masters squads headed out to Reading and continue our Summer of Silverware!

The WMas 4- A crew raced against an HSBC B crew. Having trained at camp in a coxless four, this was a great opportunity to test out their form in a race setting. They finished second but felt like they rowed a good piece. Their novice steers-person enjoyed testing her skills in a race setting too.

Attaching to the stake boat was no easy feat with the strong cross wind blowing the boat sideways. Our WMas C 4- crew had a smooth start, striking a high rate to establish a head start of their competition Weybridge.

With a comfortable lead of 1,5 boat lengths halfway up the course it looked like a win was almost guaranteed. Until the cross winds suddenly blew the boat off the buoyed course and the crew had to fight with everything they had to get the boat back onto the course. The opposition grabbed the opportunity on the inside corner of the course which was much less affected by the wind, but the PTRC crew fought their way back onto the course and crossed the finish line half a boat length ahead.

With a winning 4- combination in the boat from earlier in the day, our WMas 8+ were in high spirits going up against MAA in our final. As with earlier races MAA again got a few seconds headstart. With Jen calling wind and stride calls they managed to make up some ground early on. Whilst the crew kept their rhythm all the way through, they weren’t quite able to make up the distance.

After walking the course and deciding on calls, our Mas D/E 4- were set to go up against a Ardingley/Kingston composite. Whilst the competition had a former Olympian and a 6 second head start - they kept their heads in the boat and row their best race. Getting off to a clean start, a head wind picked up so keeping the boat balanced to help a straight steering line became key. With a final burst for the last 100m the crew were relatively happy with their performance but finished about 4 1/2 boat lengths off.

The first real test for the MasC 4x- Henley Masters Medal hopefuls went according to plan. They approached the start expecting to be giving the opposition a few seconds advantage. A very well drilled and confident Masters D crew from Upper Thames decided that they wanted to make a race out of it and waived the handicap. Our men took a length in the first 500m and managed to hold the advantage despite a relentless barrage of moves by the Upper Thames crew, wishing they had the few seconds head start. A good scalp for the Putney Town Masters Men with more to come!


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