On Saturday evening, the würst smell wafted throughout the clubhouse (see what I did there!) and the chink of steins of beer resonated from table to table. 100+ of our members and close friends joined us for our annual PTRC Oktoberfest party.

The rivalry proved too much for our coaches, Lewis & Max, as a heated game of beer pong broke out in the bar. Meanwhile, in the hall, many folk were seated at our 3 very long tables in true Oktoberfest style. A full spread of würst, pretzels & sauerkraut with all the trimmings was available to feast on and wash down with a fine selection of german beers specially ordered in.

A special thanks to Rosabella and her mum for preparing the super food and to everyone else who helped out with the organisation, set up, take down & running of the event! Our next social event is Halloween which marks the graduation of our learn to row athletes - join us again on the 2nd November.


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