PTRC to host to Colourwheel Art Classes starting September

ColourWheel Art Class is coming to our Club in September.  Offering a 13 week class, held each Wednesday starting on the 18th of September, there are two options to choose from.  A morning class 9.30am to 12.30pm and an afternoon class, 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

It's a mixed media course so you will learn techniques on drawing, watercolour, pastels and acrylics.  They will teach you 'how' to draw and paint.  Making art come to alive three dimensionally on the page.  Everyone can be taught and they show you how whilst you work on a series of varied and interesting projects.  There is still life, portraiture, drawing animals, abstract work.  Its highly creative and you are encouraged to develop your own style.

The courses are flexible and allow improvers or those who have some art skills under their belts to build on what they already know and move forward to the next steps in their creative journey. The course teacher is experienced and a wonderful artist herself. Encouraging and sharing her talent with you as you develop your own. A course Co-ordinator will attend each lesson assisting the tutor allowing each tutor to concentrate solely on what they do best, teaching you how to draw and paint.

Visit their website;

or call Sarah on 0208 090 4496 for more information and to book 



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