Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The Ron Eggleton Cup took place on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in May. Now in its second year of being hosted, it has fulfilled the Eggleton family’s hope that this event would become the de-facto club sculling championships, of which Ron Eggleton (after whom the cup is named) won several times.

A field of 20 sculls competed on the course from the Pink House to the club, and a very competitive afternoon of racing saw the winners of the cup as follows:

Men: Samuel Diserens // Women: Emily Bowden

Congratulations to them both, and for Sam for making it two in a row! The top 3 placings for the Men’s and Women’s categories (after Masters Handicapping) were as follows:

1st – Sam Diserens    – 15.58.6                     1st – Emily Bowden – 18:02.4 2nd – Jamie Diserens – 16:25.1                     2nd – Sue Pictor      – 18:28.3 (H-1:11) 3rd – Larry Eggleton   – 16:38.4                     3rd – Jade Gowan    – 19:01.9

Full results are available to download.


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