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HD Online Player (Kastor All Video Downloader Key Crac) [Latest 2022]




ok i made the video wrong. i hate wasting time for bugs. :) i have this 0.6.3 build now and it will be up soon.. Enjoy :P The new version has only the new strat ingame features: - improved HUD - improved controls - damage x2 on everyone and more debuffs (where you'll need skill for) - new parry system (kills weapon) - aim time hope you'll enjoy the new version :P try to download from my profile or my news page or go to the main page where you can install it (it works and there are some instructions on the site) my thoughts: 1.should be easier to control if you move fast. 2. i hope it's more realistic, because the other online cp's are unrealistic and the players can't aim down-arrow or use melee... they have to use their mouse, i hate this way of playing and i'm really disappointed by this game. In my opinion a good balance of attack and defence is a must to play a good game. Like in cs2 i don't mind that some one can kill me with lmg's but not with rifle. About the "gameplay" i would love to play a game as in true death where you can get into epic battles. 0.4.4 fixed an ugly error in gameplay fixed a bug on the hud where you could open and close it without blinking fixed a bug in the aim-time updated the text files added a battle-result-view 0.4.2 renamed play with mouse to play with mouse and mousekeys 0.4.0 added weapon counters and added a mode (that is also in cstrike called "hero") added a parry/block system (return to fullscreen/pause/menu) removed random weapons changed the hud to look like true-death added a view-mode for viewing the battle results added free accounts added a cooldown for the melee weapons 0.3.4 fixed a bug on the hud where the damage didn't show if you were too fast added support for the different key-combos (please change key-combos in settings to 'only needed combos' for that) fixed a bug in the hud where you could open and close




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HD Online Player (Kastor All Video Downloader Key Crac) [Latest 2022]
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