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We have a clear process to make sure that you are safe when out on the water. In order to steer unsupervised on the tideway you must achieve the appropriate level for the boat you are steering.


8+, 4+, 4x+

You can steer an eight or four from the cox seat and use steer-cert only boats

Small Boats

1x, 2x-, 2-

You can steer a double, pair and single from the bow seat, and steer an eight or four from the cox seat.

You may use steer cert only singles, doubles and pairs. 

Large Boats

4x-, 4-

You can steer any club boat in the bow or cox seat (excluding captains permissions boats) 

How to get your steer Cert


Attend a steer cert lecture which occur regularly throughout the year and are announced usually a few weeks in advance.


Pass the online theory test; the passcode to access the test can be obtained at the Steer Cert Lecture or from the Captain.


Once this has been passed, a practical test is a taken. You must start with a small boats steer-test before you can progress to a large boat after a period of 3 months further practice.


Coxes can take a test as a cox, but this does not permit them to bow-steer. You can only take a practical test if recommended to do so by a coach or other experienced steers.


Practical tests must be requested by completing the online form.

Supervising non-steer-certed members

The steer-cert process only works when non steer-certed members are able to practice the theory of steering on the Tideway. Coaches and experienced steer-certed members are able to supervise non steer-certed members. Anyone supervising must remember that they are taking responsibility for the safety and correct navigation of the non steer-certed boat(s).

The following guidelines are to be followed:

  • The launch or boat supervising must be in close proximity to the non steer-crews boat(s) at all times

  • One steer-certed person in a single can supervise one non steer-certed person in a single

  • One experienced steer-certed person in a single can supervise two non steer-certed people in two singles, if they have both passed their theory test and are close to being able to apply for a practical test.

  • One steer-certed person in the stroke seat of a double can take the responsibility for steering a boat with a non steer certed person in the bow seat of the same double.

  • A coach or experienced steer-certed person in a launch may supervise more than one non steer-certed steered boat, but only if those boats are of a similar speed, remain within hearing distance and there is a maximum of:

    • Four singles

    • Three doubles/pairs

    • Two fours/quads. Two fours should only be considered if at least one four has a steer-certed person in the two seat (coxless) or in the bow seat (coxed)

    • One eight

steer cert list

List of members with steer cert accreditation and to what level.

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