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Boating at PTRC for head races

This page provides you a high-level overview in what to expect on the day of the heads race using our facilities

Car Park & Trailering

We will reserve an area of the car park by the boathouse for trailers - the club postcode is TW9 4EN (what3words ///both.baked.puddles) - follow the signs to the Mortlake Crematorium from the South Circular. We would ask that trailers arrive as early as possible to help with car parking.

PTRC is located within the ULEZ so check whether your vehicle meets the standards and if charges apply Ultra Low Emission Zone - Transport for London (

The following map provides a high-level view of the numbered trailer parking space as well as the location of certain facilities. You will have been provided a number to park your trailer in the Head Race email sent to your club in advance of the event.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 103256.png

If the trailers can back onto the boathouse and unhitch the trucks, that would help maximise space for cars. Please ensure the trailer is facing the exit, as often at the end of the race the car park has filled up and manoeuvring is more difficult. The trucks/cars with boats can be parked in the remaining space in the car park. 

The crematorium car park may be available on Saturday for overflow parking (this will be notified to you by email in advance.
However, please note the gates of the crem will close at 5pm. Please do not park at the crematorium if you expect to be back after 5pm.

Please arrange to carpool as much as possible and park sensibly (lack of parking lines on the compount). 
No vehicles should park anywhere on Townmead Road or blocking emergency vehicle access next to the boathouse.

Car Park & Trailering

Head race days can draw opportunistic thieves so please help to keep the club secure. To keep our belongings safe whilst we are on the water by helping us to keep all doors to the boathouse closed and locked.


The school field is available to rig/de-rig and hold boats - which is situated left of the car park space. The grassy areas along the tow path is not available space unfortunatenly, there is very limited space on the riverside. If it is windy, please tie your boats down to prevent damage on head days when left unattended!

Boats can be carried either through the club compound or down the side of the boathouse.

  The school use the field for sports and it is hired on head race days.  Please ensure you take all rubbish with you and keep the field in good condition.  All required facilities are available in the clubhouse.

Race Numbers

Race numbers will be available for collection from the club bar in exchange for the boating fee as communicated in earlier emails. We are a card only club and therefore ask that you arrange for payment between yourselves.

We do not take responsibility for returning numbers, however if you want to leave them to be returned with ours, please leave them behind the bar at your own risk.

Race Numbers

Boating & Marshalling

We usually divide boating between our two sets of steps as usual - this will help manage demand and ease congestion. The new steps are in front of the boathouse, the old are around 150m downstream. Detail of which step is allocated and communicated to you in advance via email.

After the race is completed both steps are available to land, to make it easier - if the new steps is free please land closer to the boathouse. As the tide lowers, please do be careful landing. 

Boating & Marshalling

Our steps and ramp into the river can be very slippery. It is imperative that your crews use wellington boots to boat. Other footwear, such as sliders / trainers / flip flows, are dangerous - our marshals will be prepared to stop people using our steps without appropriate footwear. People have hurt themselves on these steps through not wearing appropriate footwear.


Changing rooms

Changing room, toilet and shower facilities are available at the club house. Specific details if juniors are present at the club will be emailed separately to your club with on the day logistics.



There will be ergs out in the hall for crews to use. You are welcome to use them if they are available, please be courteous and share access with all crews present. As with our club policy, can crews please clean the ergs after use.


There will be complimentary tea/coffee/toast making facilities available in the club hall before the race. Please help us keep the area tidy and available for others to use.

Club bar

The bar will be open after the race and we would love to see you join us for a drink! There should be hot food available as well as some snacks.


Head race boating fees


Per Person



Trailer Parking & Rigging Space
Changing & Shower Facilities
Access to Club Hall & Bar
Hot Drinks & Food Provisions
Availability of Ergs

Students: £4

Head Race Boating Fees
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