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Putney Town recognises the vital role that coxes play in the sport of rowing. All of our squads depend on coxes for both training and racing, particularly during the winter season.


Coxes at Putney Town have access to our land training facilities including our newly refurbished gym and are welcome to participate in land training alongside rowers. During the summer period we encourage coxes to take part in sculling sessions and gain valuable insight/training from our coaches! We have a zero cost membership fee for coxes.



We'd love to hear from any coxes who would like to join Putney Town, and we have coxing opportunities for all abilities and commitment levels - whether you wish to occasionally join in or train full-time with our squads.


Experience in London or on the Tideway is not necessary.



Every eight or coxed four requires a pair of eyes, ears and a voice of authority to make sure it is safe and working together to go as fast as possible! Like rowing, coxing takes skill and time to master.


We have developed a framework to ensure that your development as a cox is structured and you continue to learn and improve. 

COX membership



per month


Full coaching fees included

Gym, Erg & Weights Rooms

Top quality fleet of boats

£3 yoga

Club night and social events

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