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Our fundraising story

Our Putney Town Rowing Club community is one that we all treasure and one that we want to maintain for as long as we can. We want to be able to accept and invite people into the community so they too can experience what it gives to all of us. 


Everything we have achieved has been on the back of some absolutely fantastic contributions by the membership - many of you devote your time and professional expertise, opinions, labour and hard earned cash.

our development journey

 All of these developments have made us the club that we are, and the projects have all taken place within the structure of a “Development Plan” that sets out;

  • Who we are

  • Where we have been; and 

  • Where we want to go


One of the key ‘cultural’ features about PTRC is that we are an extremely welcoming club seeking to have the most diverse membership that we can, but also that we are firmly established and based within the community.


Our neighbours are important to us, and support us in our activities as a rowing club. The Crematorium often shares their car park with us during head races, so that we can host other clubs, help run the race and earn money from these activities. The Crematorium also often refers us to run wakes following funerals that they hold, and in a normal year, this activity earns us a significant amount of money to help us run a rowing club.


Our domestic neighbours understand our activities, and support us in our applications to run events at the club, and our activities as a licensed premises, the income from which helps us run a rowing club. We rent our facilities outside of key rowing hours to community organisations, the income and goodwill from which help us to run a rowing club.


Our lease with Richmond recognises our community engagement (including running ‘adult’ learn to row) and provide a reduced rental and more favourable terms, to help us run a rowing club.


All of these relationships are key to allowing us to run a ‘not for profit’ Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and keep our subs affordable for the amazing membership facilities that we offer.

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