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We have fob only access to our clubhouse in order to keep the club safe a secure. Fobs give access to the club from 5am to 11pm daily (apart from 8-10am on Monday & Friday when the cleaners are cleaning).

Should you wish to have 24 hour access you must apply for this specifically - you must only apply for this if you have a specific need to train outside ‘core hours’. To obtain a fob you must complete the application form below. You may only be issued with a fob when the General Committee that manages the Club has considered and accepted your application. The General Committee meet once a month.

I've lost my fob

We will now process your fob suspension, if you find your fob please email If you need a new fob, please complete a new request form



Terms of Issue

The fob provides access to areas of the Club in which people leave valuables and from which the Club has suffered theft.

When assigned one of the Clubhouse fobs:

  • on leaving the Club, members shall leave the Clubhouse locked up (including upstairs & downstairs, balcony & boathouse & all windows)

  • members shall not lend the fob to anyone else

  • members shall ensure that the fob shall not be identified with the name or address of the Club

  • members shall immediately notify the Membership Secretary should I lose the fob or should it be stolen

  • members shall only hold one fob unless explicitly authorised by the General Committee of the club

When you submit this form, you will be redirected to pay for your fob - this is non-refundable.

Thanks for submitting!

New Fob
Lost Fob


We will review your request and come back to you after the next committee meeting

24hr Access
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