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After winning at Nottingham City Regatta, the women’s coxed four went to the Metropolitan Regatta in confidence, but probably not in the knowledge that the club has not won a crew boat event at the Regatta in recent memory. That very long wait looked to be coming to an end on Saturday morning as they comfortably progressed from the heats of the tier three event as the fastest crew. In the final, the girls pulled out a half-length lead over Galway RC in the first 500, maintained that to the halfway mark and then stretched it out to clear water and beyond in the third to finish almost 5s clear and collect the Putney Bridge Cup and re-write the club’s record books.

In a follow-up to that impressive result, the girls also progressed to the tier 2 final as heat winners before finishing second to the University of London in the final, a result they repeated with an even narrower margin on the Sunday.

As well as a fantastic result, it is an endorsement of our learn to row programme; two of the four oarswomen winning on the 2012 Olympic course learned to row at Putney Town, with Cat only starting last September.

Crew: Sophie Bluff, Catriona Docherty, Deborah Oakley, Rachel Dean and Heather Longstaff (cox).


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