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course requirements

We find that sporting history is very useful on our course as you will be familiar with training and team morale. However, if you're enthusiastic to try something new, up for a challenge and can work well with others, we'd love to hear from you. There's no 'i' in team here at Putney; team mentality is crucial to performing well together.


Ultimately we're looking for members who not only want to join our course, but to stay on and join our club. We're a community who trains hard and plays hard and has a social scene to rival every club on the Tideway.

swim 100m

You must be able to swim 100m in light/gym clothing

Together at the Top

To start the course you must be able to attend a minimum of 12 of the 14 sessions. If you are going to miss a lot of sessions it may be difficult to pick up previous technical sessions therefore we ask that you are able to attend the majority of the course. Where possible we try to be accommodating and there maybe some cross over between the men/women courses. All we ask is that you let us know in advanced so we can try and accommodate requests (subject to availability).


We ask that participants have an average level of fitness and are used to working out once or twice per week. You will be required to carry eight and fours boats with your team mates. This will involve lifting boats on and off racks and carry them down our steps down to the water. Please take a few moments to watch the following video.

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