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How to get your steer Cert


Attend or watch the recorded steer cert lecture to learn the theory.

All of the literature can be found here including the recorded lecture.


Pass the online theory test.

Take the online test. You may attempt the test multiple times if necessary.



Once you've passed the online theory test, you can put it into practice on the river whilst being supervised by your coach or an experienced member - click here to read more on supervision.


Recommendation & Request Your Practical Test.

Once you have had sufficient practice steering out on the water, your coach or supervisor can make a recommendation to put you in for your practical test. You can then request your practical test under the request option via the club management form


Practical test.

Your practical test will be arranged. An assessor will watch you steer an outing. Good luck!


Further levels.

You must start with your small boats steer cert in order to progress further. Once you have passed your small boats steer cert, you must have a minimum of 3 months practice before progressing to your large boats steer cert.  To achieve your large boats steer cert, you must follow steps 3 to 6 in a large boat (practice, recommendation, test).

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