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Welcome to your steercert learning hub a centre of information to help you navigate your steercert learning journey.  Scroll down to read more or click the buttons below to navigate to the relevant section

What is a Steercert?

On our stretch of the Tidal Thames, we navigate according to the 'Tideway Code'  which is a set of rules & regulations published the Port of London Authority (PLA). Steer certification is the process we use to validate a member's understanding and ability to navigate under the tideway code. This process is in place to make sure that you, and other river users, are safer when out on the water. When you are steer-certed, you will be able to steer a boat unsupervised on the tideway.

what are the steer cert levels?



8+, 4+, 4x+

You can steer an eight or four from the coxes seat only.


Small Boats

1x, 2x-, 2-

You can steer a double, pair and single from the bow seat, and steer an eight or four from the coxes seat.

MAS F 4x- (1).jpg

Large Boats

4x-, 4-

You can steer any club boat from the bow or coxes seat (excluding captains permissions boats).

HenleyMAsters - JHS

captains permission


Whilst not strictly a level, it is notable that some club boats are reserved and require captains permission.

Prior to passing your steer cert you must use 'Open Use' club boats only. Once you have passed your test you may use 'Steer cert only' boats. Boat lists can be found here.


safety officer

Paul debois

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