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Spirit of Putney Town Award, the Golding Cup: Sue Pictor

Nominations: Sophie Bluff, Emma Flynn, Julie Lewis, Sue Pictor

Performance of the Year Award, the Tanner Cup: Simon De Maria


  • Men’s 4- from Fours Head (Rob Blair, Gianni Galavotti, David Dearlove, Sam Diserens)

  • Simon De Maria

  • Women’s 8+ from Henley Women’s Regatta (Heather Longstaff, Emma Kennedy, Lucy Harper, Emer McSweney, Rosabella Styles, Rachel Dean, Claudia Holledge, Laura Peck and Jade Gowan)

Volunteer of the Year Award: Craig Harvey-Judd

Nominations: Brian Day, Craig Harvey-Judd, John Hickling, Julie Lewis

Women’s Senior Squad Award: Emma Flynn

Women’s Development Squad Award: Craig Harvey-Judd

Venerable Vet: David Biles

Women’s Masters Squad Award: Clare Allen

Men’s Senior Squad Award: Cyrille Martin

Men’s Development Squad Award: Tom Haslam

Queen of the Club: Rosabella Styles

Golden Goggles: Luke Burge


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