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awards dinner 2017

Spirit of Putney Town Award, the Golding Cup: Geoff Adams

Nominations: Geoff Adams, Rachel Dean, Peter Jones and Sue Pictor

Performance of the Year Award, the Tanner Cup: Women’s Coxed Four of Heather Longstaff, Sophie Bluff, Catriona Docherty, Deborah Oakley and Rachel Dean

Nominations: Sam Diserens and Women’s Coxed Four

Volunteer of the Year Award: Julie Lewis

Nominations: John Hickling, Julie Lewis and Simon Maxwell

Venerable Vet: Stephen Rose

Masters Women’s Squad Award: Sue Pictor

Learn to Row Award: Catriona Docherty

Women’s Squad Award: Jade Gowan

Men’s Squad Award: James Percival

Golden Goggles: Sam Russell

Queen of the Club: Alan Ridgeley

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